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We have been teaching our art in South Carolina since 1980 and currently have 4 locations in the state. To find out more information about our programs, head instructors, class schedules and academy locations, please click on the links below.

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South Carolina Nihon Goshin Aikido Yudansha-Kai

Sensei John Wyndham & Sensei John Carter

Nihon Goshin Aikido Yudansha-Kai

Established 1980
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Executive Comittee:
John Wyndham, John Carter, Bryan Winfree, Kevin Smith, David Wilkerson, Sally Hale

Treasurer: Angie Carter

Secretary: Marty Delk

Head Instructors:
Sensei John Wyndham and Sensei John Carter

Technical Advisor:
Kyoshi Gary Shull

Affiliate Instructors:
Sensei Joe Beckham

Assistant Instructors:
Bryan Winfree, David Wilkerson, Kevin Smith, Sally Hale

Webmaster: Jason Amick

Website Assistant: Kevin Smith

Certified Nihon Goshin Aikido Training Centers:
Spartanburg, SC
Lexington, SC
Irmo, SC
Greenville, SC

Mission Statement
To provide the most effective self-defense training by encouraging hard work, honor, respect and teamwork in order to preserve the martial traditions and standards established by those before us.